Since 1983, AIM has:

  • allowed global companies to function worldwide...
    Only nine Harpoon clients, past and present, have limited input/output access to users at one single site. The geography of the multiple Harpoon sites is rapidly expanding to encompass client offices in Hong Kong, Mexico City and London as well as Caracas, Toronto, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles and New York.

  • helped industry leaders to reorganize and expand...
    Harpoon clients have averaged 1.25 mergers or acquisitions per year, a total of 25 since AIM opened its doors. Of the 25 mergers/acquisitions, seven were of companies that had themselves earlier acquired a Harpoon client company.

  • enabled start ups to grow (and be bought!)...
    Of the 23 Harpoon clients that were start-up operations -- either new companies or new divisions of an established company -- six are still doing business and another eleven were acquired by yet another company. Only seven went out of business.

    You can trust the bottom line on Harpoon!

Alfred Haber Distribution
Carsey Werner Distribution
CBS International

Loonland UK Ltd
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
Modern Entertainment
MTV Networks
New Line Cinema
RWI Enterprises

Sony Pictures Television
Televisa Internacional
The Heritage Networks

Tribune Entertainment Company
Tribune Media Services
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Twentieth Television
Venevision International

Gone...but not forgotten

Harpoon® clients overtaken by industry mergers and/or economics...

Action Media
All American Television
BKN Entertainment, Inc.
The Family Channel
Freemantle International
Genesis Entertainment
Glen-Warren Productions
Group W
Independent Pictures
International Advertising Sales

Multimedia Entertainment
New World Sales & Marketing
Orbis Communications
Orion Pictures
Pandora International Entertainment
Pearson / All American
The Saul Group
Scotti Brothers
Sunbow Entertainment

Worldvision Enterprises