Harpoon® is AIM's internationally renowned software solution for the entertainment industry. The integrated Harpoon modules provide a powerful, scalable system to manage the exploitation of intellectual properites ... from acquisitions and rights, through sales and A-Z financial processing.

AIM's in-depth knowledge of industry procedures has resulted in successful systems that enable every Harpoon client to set its own business rules and meet its own management requirements. Harpoon processing simplifies complex business operations for every level user.

Harpoon is designed to provide companies large and small with maximum efficiency for minimum effort. The payoff is big for executives intent on controlling costs and basing decisions on strategic information. The integrated Harpoon system connects data across modules and invokes best business practices according to flexible, user-defined setups. Harpoon helps improve productivity. Harpoon enables companies to expand business without expanding staff. Harpoon eliminates mismatching spreadsheets on one end and ensures tight integration with other enterprise applications on the other. The Harpoon media and market hierarchies forestall rights or sales conflicts.

The integrated Harpoon system is always real time with shared data and instant updates, including rights avails. Online displays provide multi-level snapshots of deals and finances. Unlimited tables offer flexibility in organizing, processing, and reporting data. Linked modules exploit flexible event triggers and multiple business practices. Online assists move the user automatically from function to function.

In use at studios like Fox and Sony, at major media companies like CBS/Viacom, Televisa, Carsey-Werner, and Tribune, as well as at numerous other corporations, Harpoon successfully matches an ever-changing list of industry requirements with features-rich programming innovations. You select the Harpoon modules that apply to your business needs and AIM will customize these applications still more, if necessary, to meet your requirements.

The Harpoon software modules are divided into the following groups:

WorldWide Licensing Group
Financial Applications Group
Specialized Applications
· Advertiser/Barter Sales
· Residuals Payment Processing
· Home Video Distribution
· Pay Television / Pay-Per-View

The WorldWide Licensing Group modules are usually licensed together to provide an integrated database on titles owned and sold. Within the Financial Applications Group, Accounts Receivable and Special Accounting are typically required modules; the other financial modules are used as needed to meet distributed data processing requirements or to lift operational data to corporate financial records.

The Specialized Applications are implemented to meet unique business needs, and are fully integrated with the basic financial applications.